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Our Story

Desert Sage Cats got started about a year ago with the help of a great friend, Lacey at Nevada Rain Cats. We were lucky enough to get started with a couple of beautiful Queens, Mira and Vega.

Mira gave us two wonderful litters last year with adorable kittens.We recently retired Mira and she joined a loving family in Utah. Mira's legacy will continue with two her kittens; Cloud & Sunny; by Iroh a Purebred British Shorthair owned by Knightmist British Shorthairs.

Vega also gave us two outstanding litters last year, from her second litter we kept a handsome boy, Tux, who we plan to be one of future Kings, pending DNA results. 

Our kittens are all given a lot of affection from our whole family and are well socialized. Kittens do not spend time around dogs in our home, but we have had kittens who have joined homes with dogs and gotten along very well with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of Cat Food do you feed?

All of our Cats and Kittens are fed Life's Abundance All Stage Cat Food. Our Cats do very well on this food, they are very healthy with beautiful coats and bright eyes. Click the link below to order Life's Abundance for your kitty.



What type of litter do you use?

Tidy Cats and Pine Pellets

When will kittens be ready for their new homes?

12-16 weeks of age

Do you provide shipping?

We have shipping options available, please see our "Purchasing" page for more details.



Do you have a waiting list/deposit list?

If you would like to be put on my "call"  list please send me a text or email with your name and number, I will reach out when kittens are available. 

For more information about how to acquire a kitten please visit our "purchasing" page.

What else Do you need to know....

We provide age appropriate vaccinations and deworming.

We test annually for FIV and FELV, all of our cats are and have always been free from FIV and FELV.

We use Optimal Selection for DNA testing on all of our cats. 

We are currently in the process of registering our newest Kings and Queens through the TCA.


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