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Desert Sage Kings

Meet Picasso & Sunny! Our English Muffin Kings are so beautiful and lovable.   These two gentlemen are Standard Munchkins (dwarf) x 50% Purebred British Shorthair. Picasso and Sunny are both registered through the TICA and DNA tested through Optimal Selection! Both of these guys are clear of all 50 genetic disorders tested for, click below to see their results!


We could not love this guy more! Thank you Nevada Rain Cats for this perfect addition to our family! We are pleased to introduce Picasso, he is a mitted, lilac (dilute of chocolate) golden, marbled, standard English Muffin! Picasso has warmed up very quickly and we can already tell he is a HUGE sweetheart and we cannot wait for his future kittens. This beautiful guy is TICA registered and genetically tested, please click below for his results. 

Sunny is a RED SHADED CLASSIC TABBY with GREEEN EYES! He is long haired and perfect as can be. He is a sweet gentleman and our most lovable Cat! Sunny weighs about 8 pounds, he is a perfect size. We are beyond excited to finally offer his kittens. Sunny's DNA results will be updated as soon as we receive them from Optimal Selection.

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