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Desert Sage Queens

We are striving to raise beautiful, healthy, friendly kittens here at Desert Sage Cats and we believe that starts with GREAT MOTHERS! Please meet Vega and Future Queens, Opal & Cloud!

We are currently waiting to receive individual genetic tests for Cloud and Opal.


Standard Munchkin

Vega x Sunny Kittens are Here!!!

Please see our available kittens page for this adorable litter of TWO!

Vega is our playful traditional colorpoint Queen. She is a beautiful bicolor seal with amazing blue eyes. Vega loves to be where the action is. She is an amazing Mom and we are beyond excited to have her in our home. Vega came to us from my good friend Lacey at Nevada Rain Cats. See Vega's Genetic Results below.



Non-Standard (Non-Dwarfed) English Muffin

Opal is our newest addition to the family! We are beyond excited to have her as one of our queens. Opal is a longhaired mitted Black Smoke with green eyes! Her personality is truly unique and entertaining! We cannot wait for the beautiful kittens she will raise!

Opal's DNA results are pending and will be updated soon


Standard English Muffin

Black Silver Shaded Mitted Torbie with GREEN EYES!

Cloud will be our VERY FIRST English Muffin Queen! This girl has the cutest personality and is just adorable. We are so very excited to see the beautiful kittens she will raise. 

Cloud is cleared of 50 genetic disorders by percentage, as both parents are clear. Cloud carries long hair and shaded hair! We are awaiting Cloud's DNA results, check back soon to see all the traits she carries!

Desert Sage Queens: Females
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